Squeezewrench-Model SQW-100


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The original “As seen on TV” Squeezewrench.



The original  “As seen on TV”  Squeezewrench.    SqueezeWrench is a dual action ratchet wrench that requires no swing room, but delivers 45 degrees of turn with a single squeeze to drive nuts and bolts in impossible places.  It also works like a conventional ratchet to loosen or snug down that  nut or bolt.   Fits 12 Metric and SAE sizes plus a 3/8 inch drive socket adaptor for use with all your own sockets.  Includes a 1/4 inch hex drive bit adaptor to give you a 1 inch long screwdriver with the torque  of a wrench. 1 flatblade & 1 phillips bit included.  This is a good quality product and a terrific value item.CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PRICE!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

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