Hand Held Bracket Brake Model BRB-100




A unique and useful metal fabricators’ hand held brake for accurate bending of sheet metal strip material for brackets. A duckbill clamping plier, fitted with a pivoting bending jaw, it handles metal widths to 3 inches in thin materials, down to 3/4 inch in gauges up to 5/64″ thick.

Reversible jaw  bends tight Z-bends with the jaw mounted at 90 degrees, or dismount it, flip it over and remount the jaw straight off for maximum hand leverage on thick materials like muffler brackets and accessory mounts.

  • Useful for remote, on-the-job, making of parts, bending templates, or model patterns
  • Eliminates crude “hammer and vise” metal parts bending
  • Efficiently and quickly produces clean, accurate production-like parts
  • Makes neat, straight, controlled bends in metal strap material
  • Can create close-together offset “Z” bends not possible on a bench brake
  • Reversing 2-position  Jaw allows  easier bending for heavier materials
  • Patented Design

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 3 in

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